Who is Renmark?
Personal data  
Name Bleekrode, R.K. (Robert)
Address Uiterwaard 85
Postal code and city 2841 BL Moordrecht
Telephone 0182 379975, 06 53 753960
e-mail rkb@renmark.nl
Date of birth and place 1st of April 1941, Sydney Australia
Nationality Dutch and Australian
Partner, name and date of birth van der Molen W. (Wil) 1st of Augustus 1940
Marital status Married
Children (2) 32 (f), 30 (m)
Australian primary and secondary school (Knox Grammar)
High school in the Netherlands (HBS-B, state examination)
Masters degree, Delft Technical University (telecommunications)
Military service  
1968 - 1967 Officer in the Netherlands Royal Navy Reserve
Additional professional education
· General Management for Specialists, Cranfield University, School of Management
· Bid management (AIMS, UK)
· Successful Negotiating (London)
· Various courses in ICT (Information Communication Technology)
· Various project management courses (Netherlands)
From 10/2000
Director Renmark
1993 - 9/2000
Senior Project Manager, KPN Telecom.
1991-1993 Managing Director Antillean Telematics NV.
Marketing manager, PTT Telecom.
Founder and director of Port Management Consultants.
1974-1986 Chief engineer, Port of Rotterdam.
1968-1974 System engineer, Netherlands Royal Navy.
1966-1968 Student assistant, Delft Technical University (Electrical engineering).
Professional Experience  
From 10/2000 Director Renmark
· ICT-requirements for the new corporate head quarters of the ING Groep
· Support of Irish NRA for telecommunications to monitor Eircom (Irish SMP)
· Development of the market position in the fields of systems engineering and ICT for of a large Dutch engineering bureau
· Introduction of document management in the ING Group Central Staffs
· Development and building of call centres for a health insurance company
· Revitalisation of telecommunications of a health insurance company
· Modernizing of the call center of a large shared service center for mortgages
· Rationalization of telecommunications for a heath insurance company
· Modernizing of the telecommunications infrastructure of a large heath insurance company
1993-9/2000 Senior Project Manager, KPN Telecom.
· Bid management: responsible for production of offers for sophisticated systems and services, both national and international, including data networks for government, outsourcing of European wide call centre services and international voice services; education of colleagues in various aspects of the business cycle (courses, intranet web site and internal publications).
· Service development: program manager for the development of new ICT services (premium centrex).
· Process redesign: development and management of a crash program to repair processes for billing of leased line services and packaged switched data services.
· Implementation: management of various projects including realisation of international AT&T/Unisource “Virtual Private Network” services for corporate clients, the introduction of new operational processes and timely delivery of critical products.
· Consultancy: reviews, risk evaluations, recommendations for organisational changes, development of action plans, project specifications, market development.
1991-1993 Managing Director Antillean Telematics NV, a 100% subsidiary of PTT Telecom.
· Development of a policy plan for government and private industry for revitalisation of the local economy using telematics and the acceptance of this plan.
· The installation of an effective and efficient organisation enabling PTT Telecom to attain a position as supplier of telematics services in the Caribbean; the task included recruitment and training of local personnel.
· Development, marketing and realisation of a full-service concept suitable for the Caribbean market; this concept was based on outsourcing.
1986-1991 Marketing manager, PTT Telecom.
· Responsible for the introduction of corporate account management and a market orientation of PTT Telecom in the segments Transport and Logistics.
· From 1987 responsible for the transition of PTT Telecom from product orientation to a market orientation in the branches Transport and Logistics; from September 1989 similar responsibilities for the branches Trade and Industry.
· Marketing of both conventional telecommunications systems and the introduction of new products and services (e.g. satellite communication, computer aided telephony, automatic call distribution).
· Marketing of systems and services for call centres and telemarketing.
1984-1986 Founder and director of Port Management Consultants.
· Founding of the company.
· Acquisition of assignments (e.g. Ministry of Transport, Municipality of Amsterdam, a foreign port).
· Management of and participation in systems development, evaluation of organisations and systems evaluation.
1974-1986 Chief Engineer, Port of Rotterdam.
· Management of the organisation responsible for the development and implementation of a large scale vessel traffic management system (VTMS) for the Port of Rotterdam. This project, with a budget of NLG 250 million, comprised the full reorganisation of the nautical aspects of the port and the installation of all required organisational and technical resources for management of vessel traffic.
· Responsible for numerous projects for improvement of port operations.
1968-1974 System engineer, Netherlands Royal Navy.
· Establishment and management of a group of systems engineering and software specialists.
· Responsible for the performance of systems engineering and the development of software systems for advanced naval vessels for both national and foreign navies.
1966-1968 Student assistant, Delft Technical University.
· Guidance of students during practical training and their preparation for examinations.
Other relevant professional experience  
· From 1991 tot 1993 participant in the development and execution of post academic telecommunication courses, initiated by the University of the Antilles in conjunction with PTT Telecom.
· English: mother tongue
· Dutch: fluent
· German: needs some brushing up
· French: needs brushing up
Leisure activities  
· scuba-diving (PADI certified divemaster)
· horseback riding.
Vrije tijd:
· photography
· hiking
· travel.