Robert Bleekrode
Allow me to introduce myself …
I was born and bread in Australia. Quite unexpectedly my Dutch parents had to return to Holland in 1957. And so as a 15 year old youth I arrived in an alien environment. Quite soon I could speak Dutch. Understand the Dutch culture took much longer.

My strong interest in technology resulted in a study of electrical engineering at Delft University. But, as the years passed, my fascination for human element in systems and organisations has grown.

After my academic study I was called up for military service in the Royal Dutch Navy. I was put to work as manager of a team developing software for new warships (the GW- frigates). We designed and wrote the code from the bottom up. We were also responsible for the systems engineering of the entire command and control system. The job was so fascinating and stimulating. I stayed on as a civilian.

In 1974 I was invited to work for the Port of Rotterdam to build a new traffic management system (VTS). The job included putting in a new system, renovating the operational organisation and introducing new procedures. After 20 years of operation the VTS is still the world’s most advanced.

From 1986 to 2000 I worked for KPN, the major Dutch telecommunications company (SMP). I started there as the marketing manager for Transport and Telemarketing. I was responsible for shifting focus from products to markets. Later I set up a KPN subsidiary for service provision in the Netherlands Antilles. I spent my final years at KPN as a problem solver.

I left KPN in October 2000 and set up my own company, Renmark, to work as an independent party.

What I like to do
The objective of Renmark is: implementation of communication. My preference is working in situations where I can achieve consensus and synergy at the cross section of organisation and technology. In complex and diffuse situation I can:
· Quickly identify the true cause of problems
· Develop a solution that is acceptable at all levels
· Inspire groups
· Create synergy
· Ensure that focus is maintained during implementation

In my experience technical skills are usually available within an organisation. It is the ability understand the true cause of problems and develop broadly accepted solutions that is scarce. This is where I offer my services. I enjoy functioning in two fields: as an interim manager in situations where the organisation and the processes must change in combination with the introduction of modern technology; but also as the manager responsible for complex and multi disciplinary projects.


My other interests and hobbies
I have always made sure that I could spend time on my three passions: photography, travel and scuba diving. In photography I specialise in audio-visuals, in which cross fading images and music are very evocative. My travels with my wife Wil result from my interest in other cultures and people who live under differing circumstances. When diving, usually together with my daughter Wendy, one enters new and fascinating worlds.